Research Paper Vocabulary Words

Research paper
A research paper/project presents the results of an investigation on a selected topic.
a formal statement of facts about a subject.
a short piece of nonfiction prose that examines a single subject usually presenting the view of the writer.
a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty
To funish evidence for a particular belief or conclusion.
Tentative Thesis
A working thesis that sometimes changes as results occur
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A sentence/argument that focuses the research paper.
the general subject of the research paper.
The sentences in the into suggests to your reader the way you’re going to prove that your thesis is valid.
the first paragraph of the paper: introduces the topic and contains the thesis and the blueprint.
The bulk of the paper; contains the facts/research that will support the thesis.
Final paragraph of the paper; concludes paper by showing validity of thesis.
Sound argument
a valid argument supported by facts and common knowledge.
Magazines, Newspaper, and Journals.
Online Sources
Any online resource from which you gather information for your research paper.
Copyright Page
The page in a resource that provides publishing information needed for works cited page.
A written reference to a specific work(book,article, report , musical,, A written reference to a specific work (book, article, dissertation, report, musical composition, etc.) by a particular author or creator which identifies the document in which the work may be found.
a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work
parenthetical citation
MLA in-text citation typically consisting of the source author’s name and a page number or in the case of no author, a key word from the title
A preliminary sketch of what the research paper will look like.
Works Cited Page
According to the MLA style , the Work cited Page/bibliograghy is a list go sources that are referenced directly in a research paper; page found at the end of the research paper,with sources in alphabetical order.
Relating to speech that is used to persuade or have some effect; insincere in expression; Example ; rhetorical question – a question asked for an effect , not actually requiring an answer
The extent to which a test measures or predicts what is suppose to.