How to write a research paper

What is a research paper?
A paper that presents one’s own thoughts backed up by others’ information.
How many articles does one need to have to submit with their topic for approval?
Five or more
Where do you access these articles?
Cabell County Public Library or HJC Online Library
What is a thesis?
Central idea
How many sentences should the thesis be?
One sentence
Do you use Roman Numerals in the outline?
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How many Roman Numerals can the paper have?
How long should the paper be?
Five to seven pages
How should the cover page be organized?
1. 1/3 of the way down the page 2.title of paper of auther of instructor in military style
What is different about the word Outline on the outline page?
It is in bold
Is Wikipedia a good source for a research paper?
Is one allowed to use websites?
Which websites are one allowed to use?
.gov or .edu
What does MLA stand for?
Modern Language Association
Where do you find the MLA citation for a source on the library website?
What is
A citation generator
Why is note taking so important?
When does one make a draft outline?
After getting the topic
What are endnotes?
Citations at the end of the sentence
Where do endnotes in the paper?
Where does the comma occur in the endnote?
What does paraphrase mean?
To put in your one words
In what person should one write the paper?
Are footnotes acceptable?
Can you use superscripts or subscripts?
How does one format long qoutes (5 lines or more)?
Indent 5 spaces (qouted, indent, last name, page number)
Is the paper single, double, or triple spaced?
What font size is best to use?
What is the best font to use?
Are paragraphs indented? If so, how much?
Yes, seven spaces
What is a works cited page?
Alphabetical list of all sources
Do you alphabetize the entries?
What are hanging lines?
Indented lines in the works cited page
The titles of what sources should be underlined?
Books, magazines, newspapers, and journals
The titles of what sources should be in qoutation marks?
Short ones
Should the works cited page be triple spaced between entries?
What is the order of the paper?
Cover page, outline, paper, works cited page
How does one number the pages of an outline?
Last name and page number
Is the cover page numbered?
Are graphics acceptable for the cover page?
What is plagerism?
Stealing others’ work
Can you use information from dictionaries or encyclopedias?
Must you give credit for material that is paraphrased?
What are the benefits of writing a resaerch paper besides finding out information about a topic?
1. Organization 2. Patience 3. Research Skills 4. Following direction